Jul 7, 2012

Wise Words

Can I just say that my teachers are awesome? Okay, well not all of them. I mean, there are some that I don't like but I think most of them are starting to grow on me. This year's going to be great. It already is, and it's only been three weeks of classes.

So a few days ago, during math class, we were talking about deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is when you have two statements that are treated as facts or the premises of the argument. Based on the premises, you have to form a particular conclusion or valid argument. For example, if you're given the statements, "All apples are fruits," and "All fruits grow on trees," we can then conclude that all apples grow on trees. That's deductive reasoning. Okay, I hope you got my little math lesson there.

Anyways, we were answering some exercises on that, and our teacher (let's call him Sir J), was asking us to conclude certain statements using deduction. One of them was, "Students of Sir J's POEM class are smart and beautiful. You attend Sir J's POEM class." So, the correct answer for that would be "You are smart and beautiful." Being the teenage girls that we are, we quietly gave the correct answer, some of us not believeing a single word of it. But here are the wise words that our teacher told us after:
"Girls, you are all beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." - Sir J

Then yesterday, we were having a talk on nutrition and there was this open forum. Most of the questions asked by my batchmates and by some of the seniors were "self-image" questions. Like "If you were on a diet, what should be lessened meat or rice?" or "What should we do if we want to get whiter?" and so many other questions concerning health, weight, fat and other body image issues.

During the closing remarks, our principal (let's call him Sir F), went to the front of the covered court, and addressed each and every one of us regarding our issues.
"Ladies, you are all as beautiful as you are. Remember that." - Sir F


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