Mar 27, 2013


So I was watching some YouTube videos and I came across a number of slams that inspired me so much to the point that I was in tears watching these videos.

I know that it's a bit cumbersome to watch all these videos, but please please please do. It's going to be worth it.

Kavindu "Kavi" Ade performing IT
           "And they know again. Know that you're not a him or a her but something in between, not human to them."
Katie Makkai performing Pretty
            "You will be pretty intelligent, pretty creative, pretty amazing, but you will never be merely pretty."

Taylor Mali performing What Teachers Make
            "Do you know what i make? I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could."

This is It

I'm scared. No wait, that was an understatement. I'M FREAKING OUT.

This coming school year will be my last year in high school. It's the year where I'll be stressing about college, graduation, and leaving my dear school. And it scares me to think that this is it. This is the real life. This is the moment that you've been waiting for.

But what if I'm not ready? What if I'm not ready to graduate high school? What if I'm not ready to go to college? What if I'm not ready to be independent? What if I'm not ready to grow up?