Jul 1, 2012

Three Wishes

While having a snack awhile ago, Mari (my younger brother) suddenly asked me this really random question. "If you had three wishes what would they be?"

To be honest, I don't know. I mean, I could wish for world peace, the end of world hunger, the end of poverty and so on. Then I could also wish for abstract things like happiness, laughter, love and all those other feelings that people long for. I could also wish for more personal things like good health for everyone in my family, or to be able to get into my desired college, or to travel the world, and all those other things that my heart wishes I could achieve. Basically, this list could go on forever.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes, three wishes isn't enough. In your three wishes, you can wish and ask for three more wishes, but it just doesn't work that way. In life, we're sometimes given three wishes, ten wishes, 1 wish or no wish at all. We have to make our wish count.

So if you were given three wishes, what would they be?


  1. If I had three wishes I'd wish for more wishes ;)

    No, seriously, I'd wish for equality in the world in all categories: social class, gender, etc..., happiness for all and to see the meaning of life. I think that's all though. If a genie did appear and asked me my wishes, I probably would wish for more abstract things.

    I've followed you back! Hoping to hear more from you.


    1. Yeah, I would most probably wish for abstract things too. Most of the time, they're more important and more valuable than material possessions and so we should make the most out of them when we have the chance.

      Thanks for the follow!