Jul 27, 2012

Hello Weekend

So, weekends are supposed to be for relaxation, right? They're supposed to be the breaks that we get in between school days so we can rest. Well, I don't think so.

Weekend Agenda:
  • Study for the English Form (make a reviewer).
    • Reread Oedipus the King.
  • Read and study about Quantum numbers and their principles.
  • Study for a quiz on Greek civilization (make a reviewer).
  • Read chapters 13-15 of Noli Me Tangere.
  • Rewrite my Social, Chemistry, Geometry and Filipino notes.
  • Do my POEM extra credit.
  • Memorize how to introduce myself in French.
  • Watch the ADMU-DLSU game. (not school related, but VERY IMPORTANT)
Sometimes I wonder if I even have time to rest anymore. I barely have time to read any non-school related books aka books that I actually like. But it's not like I'm not used to this. I mean, this has been going on for the past month.

When will I ever have a break?


  1. Hey Dani! I absolutely love your blog, and I was wondering, does your school teach mainly English or Filipino? Because your writing is absolutely amazing!

    1. Aww thank you! :) I have one subject in school that has to be taught in Filipino, one that is taught in French (because we're required to take up a foreign language) and the rest of my subjects are taught in English. :)

    2. Oh, ok, I see... Anyways, you would have a great career in writing! :)

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    Thanks! :)