Jun 8, 2012

What's Wrong?

I've been having these dreams lately... These dreams where I'm running away from people chasing me. They were bad people, if not bad people, people that I met long ago but lost touch with them. What does that mean?

I dreamt of you last night. We were running away from someone. I don't remember who we were running away from, but we were with Lolo. We were climbing this long stairwell which we didn't know where it would lead to. It was weird because every now and then, the stairs had missing steps so every few minutes, Lolo would help us both climb the stairs in the parts that were missing. Halfway through, you stopped. You told me that you couldn't do it anymore. I didn't understand what you meant but then Lolo started crying in front of me. The last thing that I remember is you crying out for me to help you.

Next thing I knew, I woke up.

What does that mean? Are you in pain? Do you need help? Is there something that you want me to do? It's the first time that I dreamt of you since my birthday and I can't help but think that something's wrong. I hope you're okay.


  1. Maybe it's a reflection of how you have both struggled lately. Prayers are what she needs, it's what we can do. (: