Aug 14, 2012


We talked about promises during English class today. As an opener, our teacher asked us, "What is the first word that enters your mind when you hear the word, promise?" It's sad to think that most of our answers (including me) were words like trust, broken, hurt, sad, and so on. Is that what promises are supposed to be? Aren't promises supposed to be forever?

But why does it seem like a promise is so easy to break? Why do promises bring sad memories? I mean, promises are supposed to last forever. They're supposed to be kept until the end.

We make so many promises to our parents, friends, school, society, and ourselves. And sometimes, the hardest promise to keep is the promise that we make to ourselves.

There's this saying that promises are meant to be broken. But why would you even make a promise when you're not going to keep it anyway? It doesn't make sense.

What happened to all those pinky promises, those cross my heart and hope to die promises, those 'till death do us part promises? What happened to them?


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